When an entrepreneur brings to the board years of business acumen, the resulting company is bound to have an extra edge. Gold Star Associates is a new venture alright, but the combined experiences of our senior directors in varied industries, along with the fresh knowledge of our younger team members means that we are set to reach new heights, across the varied industry segments that we operate in.

Mr. Amrik Singh Chawla (Director) brings an experience of 35 years to the Gold Star Associates board. With expertise areas as varied as electronics and garments, he is the perfect person to nurture the company through future successes. With his leadership, and able guidance, we are confident of attaining an enviable reputation across the various markets that we operate in.

Mr. Saravjeet Singh Chawla (Director), over a period of 18 years has attained valuable work experience in varied industries including electronics, IT, garments, and fabric, wood and wood products. Considering that the key areas of operation for Gold Star Associates include both fabric and wood, his contributions to the company knowledge bank are immense.

Sales and marketing for Gold Star Associates is handled by Ms. Simar who is an Economics honours graduate. She has been highly successful in applying her economic knowledge and perception to the current marketing scenario, and helps us in staying one step ahead. She has a thorough understanding of different industries, and is sought after by clients looking for current market evaluations.

Gold Star Associates believes in giving its clients superior quality every time. With experts like Mr. Amrik Singh Chawla, Mr. Saravjeet Singh Chawla and Ms. Simar leading the board, our customers are assured of a high degree of professionalism, every single time. The directors of the company usually set the tone for the marketing practices of the entire organization. Our directors place a lot of importance on values, integrity, transparency and loyalty, and these filter down to every level of the company.

A successful company needs a forward looking vision. Our directors have envisioned a successful enterprise with a wide spectrum of operational areas. With their collective experience, business acumen and exemplary leadership, Gold Star Associates is set to be the market leader of the future, across the globe. Our directors already bring a lot of professional goodwill to the board, and with their guidance, the whole team is poised to take the company and its clients to greater success in the future.